Tips on how to throw a good BBQ

Top tips on throwing a great BBQ party

Tips on how to throw a good BBQ

Thinking of throwing a BBQ party during the summer? We’ve outlined our five tips on how to throw an awesome BBQ party – one that will be remembered!

Clean up your outdoor area

You can’t host a party in a dirty space – that just means it’s going to be an even worse clean up the next day. Create an inviting space, do some raking/weeding/sweeping or whatever is necessary to make it feel welcoming.

Take friends up on their offers

When your friends RSVP with a ‘Want me to bring anything?’ say yes! A few of your friends bringing a salad each will alleviate your stress levels hugely – and it’s not that daunting making one salad – five however; pretty daunting.

Get the essentials

The beauty of a BBQ is that you can cook for a large number of people without the stress of trying to prepare a roast dinner with a two-shelf oven. Grab plastic plates/glasses and cutlery from the supermarket – clean up? What clean up?! While you’re at it, grab all the herbs/spices and condiments you need – these keep for months so they won’t go to waste!

Keep the drinks cold!

If you don’t have a spare drinks fridge lying around then pick up a plastic bin in the local bargain store, fill it with ice and put the drinks in there. When the ice begins to melt and the drinks are at the bottom it will provide a few laughs watching your guest’s reactions when they’re trying to fish one out of the icy cold water!

Be prepared for it to continue into the night

The sun might be shining throughout the day – but a cloudless sky can sometimes bring a cold night! A fire pit is a must have on these occasions – this doesn’t require you to fork out on the latest in Bunnings; you can use an old circular BBQ and fill it with wood! Also, get some additional lighting for when the sun goes down; fairy lights, candles… or whatever you can get your hands on. Get some mozzie spray for your guests – they’re rampant at dusk and your guests will really appreciate it!

Have any tips yourself? Leave a comment below.

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