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Decorating your company

Decorating your company’s common areas

For most companies, your reception and boardroom provides a first impression of your business to important clients and potential suppliers. There is so much potential in decorating it in a […]

Animal Wall Murals

Animal Wall Murals

Are you an animal lover? We’ve updated our animal image library to include some fantastic images from a variety of animals in the animal kingdom; from whales to polar bears […]

Wall Murals of Bali

Wall murals from Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the top holiday destinations for Australians – and with the weather being as fickle as it has been over the past couple of weeks (with the exception of […]

Creating a home to reflect your personality

Creating a home to reflect your personality

What does your home say about you? It’s easy to sift through online blogs and magazine articles to copy all the latest trends in your interior. Easy but by no […]

Wall murals of Bolivia

Wall murals of the wonders of Bolivia

It’s all about Bolivia today – having a look through our image library at some of the wonders of this beautifully diverse country! We’ve picked out our favourites to turn […]

Picture Wall

A picture wall in a Melbourne family home

Danny and Trudi recently created and installed a picture wall of their beautiful family in their home in Eltham North in Melbourne. Armed with some fantastic photos of their brood […]