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Using a wall mural as a feature in your house.

Case study; using a mural to create a feature wall

Lisa, VIC, recently moved into a new house in Seaford. With renovation ideas and interior designs at the forefront of her mind for months, she was stumped with what she […]

Decorating your living room

Tips on how to make your decor visually flow

As with most projects, you take it one step at a time – or one room at a time, if you will. Therefore, there’s always the danger lurking that your […]

Create a customised event banner for your party

How to organise the perfect party!

So you’ve finally put away the colour wheel, the measuring tape and the decorating magazines; it’s about time you show off all your hard work! Whether you’ve just gone through […]

Nature inspired wall mural in the home

Bringing the outdoors in with a custom wall mural

Emma, in Melbourne, recently opted for an escapism style wall mural in her entrance hallway – she choose a black and white nature inspired wall mural to bring some of […]

Golf inspired wall mural

Celebrating golf this week with the start of the Australian Masters!

With the Australian Masters kicking off in the Royal Melbourne Golf Club this week, we though it was as good a time as any to concentrate on golf themed wall […]

Tips on how to decorate with mirrors

How to use mirrors to decorate your home

A well placed mirror is a decorator’s dream! They work wonders in creating perceived space, reflecting light and drawing the eye to key features in a room. They’re known for […]

Adding a splash of colour to your house

Adding a splash of colour to a black and white wall mural

There is something so elegant about black and white wall art in the home. It suits all types of decor and looks so classically beautiful. It also gives you that […]

Creating a kitchen ideal for entertaining

Creating a kitchen and meals area ideal for entertaining

“If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and regardless of whether or not you have the culinary skills […]