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Decorating your living room

Tips for decorating small spaces

Feeling cramped in a small home? Ever feel as frustrated as Carrie when Aidan moves himself (and everything he owns) into her perfectly un-used New York apartment?! Not to worry, […]

Photography tips - abiding by the rule of thirds

Photography tips – abiding by the rule of thirds

A few weeks back, we heard from blogging extraordinaire Iron Chef Shellie; who shared her thoughts on the importance of white balance when taking photos. This week, she’ll delve into […]

Wall art for the home

Adding personality to a rented house with some wall art

Sitting on the dock of the bay… There are a lot of limitations when it comes to decorating a rented house – unfortunately you can’t just repaint or hammer some […]

Celebrating Children's Week!

Children’s week; start getting creative with your kids!

It’s all about your children this week! The 18th – 26th October marks Children’s Week, a week that celebrates the right of every child to enjoy their childhood. It’s the […]

How to make a large room feel comfortable

Tips for decorating large spaces

Feeling overwhelmed with the extensive space you need to decorate? Decorating a large, open space while achieving a warm and cosy atmosphere can be as daunting as climbing Kilimanjaro after […]

Wall murals from a recent trip stateside

Photos from a recent trip stateside!

Rachel, a Wallcreations team member, recently took a trip of a lifetime to the land of opportunity… also known as the USA. Dreaming of this trip for most of her […]

Creating a relaxing garden

How to create an ideal garden for relaxing

With Spring in full swing, along comes lazy days relaxing in the sun. If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, we have some great tips from landscape architect […]

Wall murals of the Great Ocean Road, Victoria

A photography trip down the Great Ocean Road

Our favourite blogger, Iron Chef Shellie, recently took a trip down to the South East coast of Victoria, and as per usual she took her camera with her. Taking her […]

Creating a sustainable garden

Tips on how to create a more sustainable garden

Sustainable living has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a trend that will most likely stick around! With that in mind, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident […]

Marking Unity Day with German inspired wall murals!

Celebrating Unity Day with some German inspired wall murals!

Germany is celebrating their national holiday today, better known as Unity Day. With the much talked about and relatively iconic Oktoberfest also in full swing, we figured there was no […]