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Nature inspired wall murals

At one with nature – nature inspired wall murals

  “Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better” There’s nothing like bringing the outdoors in for a refreshing take on home decor. If you’re not interested in […]

Winter styling

How light can effect your colour scheme.

  “Lights, camera and action!” Something we all know and understand; a bright sunny day helps to lift your mood and puts a smile on your face. Acknowledging this helps […]

Paris Wall Mural

I loved Paris in the Springtime – and now I love it all year round!

  “Paris is always a good idea.“ Where better to get inspiration than from something that has been tried and tested?!  At the best of times, decisions can be our […]

How to create a stimulating playroom

How to create a stimulating playroom for your kids

  “Draw inspiration from the chaos of your environment” If your adorable little ones collection of Ben 10 paraphernalia and Bratz dolls are taking over every nook and cranny in […]

Melbourne Graffiti

Melbourne Graffiti – ideas for wall art and picture walls!

  “A trip down Melbourne’s lanes’ Following on from our recent post on graffiti inspired wall murals, I wanted to investigate how the vibrant street art of Melbourne could transform […]

Graffiti in Melbourne

Melbourne Graffiti – ideas for wall murals!

  “A trip down Melbourne’s lanes” Living in Melbourne for the past two years, I thought it was totally acceptable that I had never found the time to visit the […]

Decorating with Emerald Green

How to decorate with Emerald Green

  “Green with envy” The Pantone Colour Institute declared Emerald Green as the ‘Colour of the Year 2013’, knocking Tangerine Tango off the top spot. They came to this decision […]

Action photography tips

From the freshly powdered peaks straight to your living room!

  “Snow is falling, all around us!” It’s safe to say that snow season is well and truly underway! Whether you’re a keen skier or an avid snowboarder, there’s nothing […]

Top tips on creating a stylish powder room

Tips on decorating a small, stylish powder room

  “I need to use the powder room” When working with a small space you need to think about the functionality – what exactly do you want this space to […]

Snow season - what you can do with your photographs.

What to do with your snow season photographs!

  “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” With snow season in full swing, we have so many ideas on keeping those fantastic memories from a fantastic holiday […]